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The giving of head underneath water. When the female is wearing scuba gear and pulls of the mouthpiece to blow the man.
"Jenny came over to go swimming last night, and she totally gave me a scuba-job right in my grand-parent's pool!"
by Tim Dooley January 10, 2008
The term used to describe a salty vagina
Damn! this girl last night had such a salaginat! I thought i swallowed some ocean water!
by Tim Dooley September 11, 2007
The hole made in the side of a pool used to insert a penis to recieve an underwater blowjob from a girl inside the pool. See scuba-job
"I went over to Home Depot the other day and got a guy to come over to my house and he installed a cock socket in my pool. Now I can get a scuba-job at home!"
by Tim Dooley January 10, 2008

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