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5 definitions by Tim Boyd

someone who doesn't fit in with the group, and idiot, or just anything annoying
how fruit nugg was that ski patrol guy?
by Tim Boyd April 05, 2006
flamming homo's, uncool person.
my little bro is being such a fruit nugg
by Tim Boyd April 16, 2006
anything bad, uncool, gay
ski patrol is so schwagg nugget
by Tim Boyd April 16, 2006
1.the act of shaving a pussy...cat
2.hacking down trees till there are no more
3.not being a dirty hairy hippie
i hate hippies. so i take saws and cut down trees. (deforestation)
i hate hippies. i make sure my gf shaves (deforestation) and isn't a tree loving hippie
by Tim Boyd June 05, 2007
anything awesome, cool, fun
dude that ski jump is so dope nugg
by Tim Boyd April 16, 2006