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I've always understood it to be an abbreviated way of saying 'something like that' in my part of the southwest.
The Brits certainly thought we went native, or somesuch, in our attitudes here in the colonies.

Been playing Civ 3 a lot , don't ask.
by Tim?!? May 21, 2005
Basically the same as eyeballin. To look at something with extreme interest.

Also, the act of eyeballing something is to measure or weigh something without any tools.
(Not necessarily refering to anything illegal or obscene)
"Dude! You see those chicks eyeballing your ride?"

"Lemmie see. I'm eyeballing it. Looks like 4 1/2 feet from sofa to wall....where's my tape measure? Yep, it'll fit!"
by Tim?!? April 08, 2006
From a well known (BK) fast food establishment TV ad.
Man in chicken suit stuntbiking in front of adoring fans with the following song in background....

Singing Big Hucking Chicken Song: Biiiig huuuckiiing chiiicken, you are biiiig....(Superman!Definition 19)....and you are (spicy!) Chicken.
Big Hucking Chicken! DUDE!
(Bobs head....devils horns!)

Anyone want to lay odds on how long it takes for some bluehair or 'Big Brother' to be offended by this ad?
(Hint: Hucking Chicken?)
by Tim?!? June 20, 2006

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