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2 definitions by Tilfrie

(noun) A sneeze that smells/tastes of honey. A strange phenomenon shared by a lucky few. Honey sneezers can be found on the internet and the condition is yet unexplained...
Dave: Oh, I just had a honey sneeze!
Bob: WTF?!?
Dave: You know, a sneeze that smelt like honey...?
Bob: WTF?!? Piss off Dave.
John: Wow, dave, are you a honey sneezer too!!!
by Tilfrie January 12, 2009
63 34
(verb) The act of sobering up due to prolonged exposure to snow
"Quick pass the whiskey, I totally snowbering up out here! I think I might be losing my whiskey sweater vest!!!
by tilfrie February 02, 2009
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