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39 definitions by Tikibarberfan

The only thing they listen to in Hell. That's why if you're riding in a car and you ask someone to change it to Radio Disney, they tell you to go to Hell.
Loser: Can you change it to Radio Disney?
Person: Can you go to Hell?
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
A popular video game about professional football. For reasons beyond me, you can't consider yourself a girl if you like this, because your man would rather get his hands on this instead of you. Likewise, you can't consider yourself a man if you don't like it at least a little. Madden is basically a $50 penis.
Bob would rather play with his Madden video game than his girlfriends vajayjay.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
1. A band that some of my friends like. It's main appeal to them is that no one's heard of it.

2. See: Vagina
1. My friend: Have you heard the new Passion Pit?
Me and 90% of the world: What the fuck is Passion Pit?

2. Bob nailed Susie in the Passion Pit until she cried.
by Tikibarberfan February 02, 2010
Along with french fries, and possibly french kissing, the only reason we don't bomb the fuckers west of Germany and east of Spain.
I think of "Digital Love" by Daft Punk during self exploration.
by Tikibarberfan July 11, 2010
It's against the law to go here and not put it on FaceBook.
If you want to see an example of the words "apple store" log into my FaceBook and see what my friends write.
by Tikibarberfan July 21, 2010
Also known as. Pronounced as (ack-uh).

This word is useful because it takes less time to say aka than it does to say a.k.a.
I was happy when Lil Wayne aka the most overated rapper of all time was sentenced to a year in prison. I hope he drops the soap in the shower.
by Tikibarberfan March 02, 2010
A song about a dildo by King Missle.
It doesn't even rhyme, it's just a guy telling a whole story about losing and finding his "detachable penis" with people chanting "detachable penis" in the background.

If you don't believe me just look at these lyrics.
Sometimes people tell me to get it permanently attached, but, I don't know.
Even though sometimes it's a pain in the ass... I like having a detachable penis.
by Tikibarberfan March 01, 2010