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A Verb. Usually applies to when on vacation or on a casual excursion, you take your wife/gf to a nice reggae bar for some music and nice times. Shortly there-after every rasta dude in the joint is having his turn with her and many times its more than just dancing!
Friend: Hey Bob, you've been down since you came back from your vacation last week. What gives?

Bob: I didn't what to say anything but while we where in Montego Bay, I took Rita to a Reggae joint and we got ""Jamaicaned"
Now all she wants to do is listen to Bob Marley cd's and have me wear a dreadlock wig while we have sex.
by Tiki Joe June 07, 2009
When in the middle of a "69" the guy who is on the bottom brandishes a large rubber (preferably black) dildo and proceeds to insert into his GFs ass. It usually ends in her cumming until she's completely incoherent.
I took my very hot and sexy G.F. to a motel on 8th street and while we were 69ing, I eased a black dildo into her big, sweet, hot and unsuspecting ass. After introducing her to that hot and nasty Rubber 70, she really wants to marry me!
by Tiki Joe June 03, 2009
The British version of the sexual sandwich. Usually consisting of 2 gents and a trollop.
Don't look now but it appears that the two lads have the poor girl in a drunken stupor. Its only a matter of time before they shagwich her in some cheap flat down by the bog.
by Tiki Joe June 03, 2009

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