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2 definitions by Tigress

An amazing shaman who hates resto-spec and loves kicking ass and killing things. He's a natural dedicated leader who loves to talk about his stuff, you can't stop his flow of speech; he just loves to share his knowledge. He's remembered by his high scream after the finkle dropped and his overall good sense of humor.
Night and day, sekapoko's out killing and wacking stuff, which he then later relays to kiarri how awesome it is as she nods and smiles in confusion but his enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic was enough to make her smile.
by Tigress May 02, 2006

n. (pronounced: ee-ho)

1) Son
2) A n00b
3) A loveable and well-meaning no0b
See n00b entries 3 & 4
"STFD, Hijo"
"Hijo, you are such a n00b!"

NOTE: Can be used with a number of connotations but is most commonly used in a manner of jesting. Considered a brainless or weak insult when used alone as a supposed malicious insult. Often mispronounced.
by Tigress June 18, 2006