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5 definitions by TigerBass

a word for someone who plays a game to the max so they are the best they can be and just fuck everyoone else up, and laugh about it.
Gamer1: ahh this guy is such a fucking addict. he's the highest level and just kills all of us :(
Gamer2:yeah go on his profile, he's game raped everything.
by TigerBass September 10, 2011
A girl who isnt a slag and is all natural, but is still so frickin hot that you would think she would be one.
guy1: hey did you see that girl emily
guy2: yeah shes slag hot man
by TigerBass September 10, 2011
when you roll a blunt so packed it looks a bit green (this doesnt really matter, the snake tongue bit is at the end so it can be a joint too), then you twist the end and split it in to two bits of paper and roll them up to make it look like a snake tongue.
make a snaketongue, take a pic of it and post it on here. thanks :)
by TigerBass August 31, 2011
the anonymous person who made the facebook page
Kevicc students sexy pics, and got alot of banter and hate but a lot of likes on there page. it stands at 136 likes right now but will surely go up. until it gets deleted.
Jimbob Smilypants could be anyone, even your mum....
by TigerBass September 11, 2011
To tripsave:
When one catches the front of ones foot on a step or an awkwardly placed stone when walking, but saving it and still keeping there swagger.
Will: Ha did you just see that guy trip :D

Joe: Nah he didnt trip, he tripsaved, true skill.

Will: Nuff said
by TigerBass August 28, 2011