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Edina is known as the wealthiest part of the Twin Cities. Many professional athletes in Minnesota live in Edina, along with many powerful lawyers, doctors, CEO's and other very wealthy families. Edina High School is known for being extremely academic and athletic. It is consistantly ranked among the top 20 high schools in the nation in US Magazine and has won more state titles in sports than any other school nation wide. It was listed and the 2nd most athletic high school in the country by Sports Illustrated in 2005. The families living in Edina are mostly "old money" families, wheras the families living in Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Plymouth, or other wealthy suburbs are mostly "new money" families, thus the snobbery in Edina is quite different. The "cake-eater" stereotype is true for the most part, but there are also some very pleasant people residing in Edina, regardless of their wealth.
Edina stands for "Every Day I Need an Audi, Attention, Allowance..."

"Minnetonka has the lakes, but Edina has the boats."

There are a million sayings about Edina.
by TiffanyOharris November 02, 2005
Wannabe cake-eaters. People form Minnetonka, like most suburbs of the twin cities, are just jealous that they arent from edina. There is no getting around it, Edina is just superior.
Minnetonka has the Lakes, but Edina has the boats.
by TiffanyOharris November 02, 2005

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