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hamilton ontario is a city of roughly 490,000 people in southern ontario, it is located at the western end of lake ontario, also known as "steel city" or "the hammer". it is home to two large steel mills which put sulfur in the lake water, when you drive past hamilton on the QEW highway the smell of rotten eggs is unavoidable (caused by sulfur) giving hamilton the knick name "stink town". the city of hamilton is divided in half by the niagara escarpment, the upper half above the escarpment is known localy as "the mountain" even though its not really a mountain. hamilton is home to canada's largest porn theater. the city is also infested with gangsta teenagers who refer to the city as H-Dot and also use the name steel city in an attempt to sound edgy and gain street cred, when usualy they're just an immigrant teenager from stoney creek who battle raps in broken english, the hip hop clubs are usualy prone to shootings, but they are easily avoidable. hamilton is also home to some extremely ugly hookers. most areas of the city are nice, even its less attractive areas have charm. over all hamilton is an average mid-sized north american city.
"i saw a really ugly hooker in hamilton ontario"
by Tiffany905 March 13, 2008
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