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A synonym for an erect penis.
Darling, can I poke you with my hormone stick?
by Tiffany's Toyboy July 30, 2009
The action of urinating whilst receiving a rim job (having anus orally stimulated).
Give the man a pseudo-blumpkin
by Tiffany's Toyboy July 23, 2009
Hangover Horn. The rampant, seemingly insatiable appetite for sex that is usually associated with the hangover after a night out drinking.
"I've got the H.O.H. bad. Quick! where's the hormone stick."
by Tiffany's Toyboy August 01, 2009
The act of turkey slapping someone whilst they are seated on the toilet.
Hurry up Kenny. I need to use the loo. Don't make me come in there and give you a pseudo-turkey.
by Tiffany's Toyboy September 29, 2009

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