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hell ya, your right!
brownies are so bomb!
fo shodo
by tiffany January 18, 2004
Okay, hash brownies AREN'T Jamaican; weed ganjais. The hash brownie thing is probably American.
Hash brownies are not a Jamaican thing
by Tiffany September 10, 2004
another form of i dunno
Tyler: Tiff...how do u get the computer to do this?
Tiff: I dinno...
by Tiffany February 15, 2004
Big Floppy Dildo like object that resembles an uncircumsized penis...aka Robbie Loehle
Ryan Jutras likes to hump Gooey Duck Gineys... cuz they have gineys????!!!!
by Tiffany January 05, 2004
No real meaning-created by Snoop to make words rhyme.
(With out)Ooh shit my nigga, I'm gone fuckin beat ass
(With) Ooh shizzle my nizzle, I'm gone fizzle bizzle your izlle
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
One who holds the qualities of both a hoochie, and a moocher. They will slut around all night, then come to your house and bum some food and a place to crash. They do this more often than once.
That Tiffany, she just made out with that other girls boyfriend, and now she's over here tryin' to eat all my food!
by tiffany May 15, 2004
combination of the words sweet and sick, used when describing something incredibly cool
1:Damn that show was amazing
2:Yah it was hella swick
by Tiffany October 26, 2003

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