72 definitions by Tiffany

An outstanding member of the Thibodeau family. A metal, punk loving, wholesome guy. That just can't get enough of Tiffany.
That Tibs guy is pretty crazy eh!
by Tiffany October 08, 2004
cookies.. they are oral sex done to a man..
Do you want a cookie?!?
by Tiffany December 05, 2003
also meaning that your fame is gone.
He faded me because his shit is better.
by Tiffany November 02, 2002
fucked up scary people who like to shop at hot topics and gel their hair with two pieces of bangs like cockroaches.
Gothic kids are dressed in all black with over-dramatic eyeliner and freaky accessories like coffin purses or zombie shirts.
hey guys im gothic and scarryyyyy
by tiffany April 05, 2005
the best fucking band ever. they mix funk, rap, rock, reggae and who knows what else all together to create something wonderful. they are in my opinion the best band ever and i couldn't go one day without singing the song "offbeat bareass". their cd's that they currently have out are music, grassroots, omaha sessions, from chaos, transistor, live, evolver, and others that are unreleased. they are releasing a new album in july!!! YESS!!!
311 fuckin' rocks! they are the best band ever!
by Tiffany April 05, 2005
When a girl is giving you oral ...a little blow and after a while she puts a little fun dip on your p**** and then sucks it off
Jane gave Tom a little fun dip!
by Tiffany November 12, 2004
Short for bulimia or bulimic
Are you mia?
by Tiffany October 13, 2003

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