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Noun - Any Champage, sparkling wine, liqour, liquer, or unholy amalgum of two or more of the preceeding, produced under license of, endorsed by, or repeatedly referenced in the lyrics of any rapper and / or Hip Hop artist.

Chimpagne will often come in colors and neon tones not seen since the 80's, or anywhere outside of Chernobyl, Russia.

R. Kelley: Waitress! A bottle of your finest Alizé for this fine young bitch!

Young Bitch: Ewwwww nigga! I'd rather drink warm piss than that chimpagne!

R. Kelley: (menacingly) That can be arranged...


Lackey: Sir, the Q2 2010 numbers are in. We're bankrupt.

Frederick Rouzaud: Yeah? Well at least we're not making chimpagne anymore. Fucking Jay-Z...
by Tiestofan25 October 10, 2010
To engage in phallus to phallus combat. When doing so with a partner while fully erect, Parisian Dick Fighting is conducted similiar to a fencing match. Asian Dick Fighting connotes to use of a semi-flaccid penis whipped about like one end of a nunchucko.

Dick Fighting with an unwilling combattant is generally chargeable as sexual battery.
Ex 1) Set in a public restroom

Bruce: (pantless) I challenge you to a round of Dick Fighting! EN GARDE!

Steven: (urinating) JESUS CHRIST!!

Ex 2) Set in Wang's bedroom

Wang: I'm bored. How about some Dick Fighting?

Chung: OKAY! (whips dick out and cock slaps Wang in his face, leaving a crimson mushroom bruise.
by Tiestofan25 October 22, 2010

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