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a cross between excremation and exclamation when something is undeniably shit but is equally alarming too
"Hey Joe did you see the x factor winner Leon has gone into the charts at number 2, his song is pap 'excremation mark'"
by tiest-o-holic October 22, 2008
Mother in law I'd like to kill.
When I was out of the room I caught her running her fingers along the furniture testing for dust, that cantankerous woman is a MILILK.
by tiest-o-holic July 16, 2010
When a rapper gives some sound and meaningful advice in his choooooon and every fan takes it as law.
''did you hear Snoop dogs latest tune?'' ''Hell to the yeah man, he was churning out some rapresentation when he penned them lyrics''
by tiest-o-holic January 06, 2010
When something spectacularly crap happens to you that's out of your control
''Yeah Joe imagine my delight when I rang the help desk and was on hold for 20 mins only to be cut off, ticketyfuckityboo''
by Tiest-o-holic May 14, 2009
When a rapper can use offensive words such as nigger and pass them off but when the likes of the general public use them it is racist.
'dude, I went up to NAS to tell him I thought his tune ''NIGGA' was the bomb and said ''what's up nigga'' damn boy, his security guards called the cops. Now isn't that hip-ocrisy bro?'
by tiest-o-holic February 03, 2010
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