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Nipples that extend out real long and grotesquely.
dem dick tits barely fit in her bra, yo. they ass long as my slong!! Oh My God!
by tien duong August 15, 2006
Sneaking around the hood with an uzi or a weapon.
Niggaz b creepin on tha come up wit dem shanks and thangs...ghetto bitches don't know bout Budd Dwyer's televised suicide..they b creepin and crawlin like roaches through crack houses
by Tien Duong November 26, 2007
Taking a piss in the tub while taking a shower or a bath.
Lisa was tubipissin because she couldn't wait any longer while taking a bath. She had to take a shower afterwards because her pee was all over her body.
by Tien Duong August 11, 2006
A close and informal male friend.
Hey, what's up, suckahead?

by Tien Duong August 11, 2006
corrupt ass republican politician that sucked on a barrel of a .357 magnum on live tv in 1987. a joke on youtube and pop culture for the last 20 years. the morning before his wife told him "give them a piece of your mind, don't go shooting your mouth off." funny shit. college kids drill holes through coins and call it a budd dwyer commemorative.
bitches don't know bout' budd dwyer's televised suicide....somebody get that muthaphucka a tissue for his bloody nose. the song "hey man nice shot" from the band filter was about budd dwyer. he was an attention whore drama queen.
by Tien Duong November 26, 2007

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