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2 definitions by Tie Guy

"A capella" definition is wrong. Not usually used by rappers, but rather by people that actually...sing (and sing well) without instrumental accompaniment. Please see


...for more enlightenment on what a cappella is.
"Hey guys, let's sing real a cappella, with no instrumental accompaniment. And better yet, let's actually sing and use musical notes in our music and not chant simple rhymes and curse words in a monotone like the music artist b rabbit does in 8 Mile!"

"Sounds great! Wait, b rabbit is a music artist? Since when?"
by Tie Guy February 05, 2009
(verb) To trick a retarded person into thinking he's not retarded. Possibly a relative of the much hated "pwned".

As defined by sexualburgerking
Link: http://boards.ign.com/Boards/Message.aspx?brd=5188&topic=100803367&page=10
"Joe was kawned into thinking that he could write a decent script. Silly Joe."
by Tie Guy January 13, 2009