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A place where women are respected, put on display, and treated like human beings and not sex objects pouring chocolate all over each other..aww who the hell am I kidding, thanks to 50 Cent, a "candy shop" is basically a place where girls like me are painted up like streetwalking whores, make out with other girls, and degrade ourselves all the while shaking our asses in 50 Cent's face and happily sucking on his "lollypop". And umm, "LET" us lick the lollypop?? As if sucking your crusty ass d*ck is a favor. By the way, Im not a 50 Cent-hater, I used to love your music..when it was actually good. PAYCE =D
50 Cent: "I'll take you to the candy shop. I'll let you lick the lollypop. Go 'head girl dont you stop. Keep goin' 'till you hit the spot WOAHHHHH"
by Tidontneedtotellyoumyname July 19, 2005

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