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Means your woman has cheated/is cheating on you. It can also mean "dude", "nice" or be a generally insulting word. It can really mean anything, you can get a smile or a stab. It's all in the delivery.
That guy is a cabron. (being cheated on)
Ese tipo es un cabron (Spanish)

Hey cabron! (Hey dude)
Mira cabron (Spanish)

That damn cabron (insulting)
Ese cabron (Spanish)

Ese disco nuevo esta cabron (nice)

by tiburon April 06, 2003
Cut of pig meat. The "butt" is actually the shoulder.

Generally used in latin cultures (Mexican - carnitas, Puertorican - pernil). But also the cut used in pulled pork and general roasts.

Never heard it used to describe a person. Maybe porker is a better substitute.
Lets get a few pork butts to make dinner tonight.
by tiburon July 29, 2005
(v): The act of resorting to using plastic wrap as a condom. When the opportunity to have sex with a girl presents itself, a guy will take what ever measures necessary to complete the task. This includes the chili wrap.
Guy 1 : “Hey man, I'm about to bang this chick but I don’t have a condom.”

Guy 2 : “Don’t trip. I have some plastic wrap in the kitchen..you’ll have to ”chili wrap” your shit tonight.”
by Tiburon February 08, 2013
The puertorican slang as used in the song by Daddy Yankee has always meant that you like to "cruise" or go out on the streets in a car, or other motorized vehicle.

In my experience, it was never used to represent semen/sperm/ejaculation.
Slang example - "A ella le gusta la gasolina"
Direct translation - "She likes fuel"
Actual interpretation - "She likes to roll/cruise" or "hit the streets"
by tiburon October 03, 2006

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