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1 definition by TianaTerror Vanity Monroe

A pretty good German band consisting of 5 members.
Unfortunately the band broke up in the beginning of 2010.

Members- Strify- singer

Kiro - Bass

Yu- Guitar

Shin- Drums

Romeo- Keyboard

(With a former member Luminor)

Yu & Romeo are now in a band called Rouge Morgue
Romeo being the singer & Yu on guitar
They both are now associated with the band 'Black Veil Brides'

-Strify is still singer
-Shin is now known as Mr. Hangover
-Kiro has disappeared believed to be back in Germany

Some have believed Cinema Bizarre to be a rip-off of Tokio Hotel. Which is not true both bands have a COMPLETELY different style of their own.
People only think that because they are both from Germany.!!!!
CB fan: Omg i love Cinema Bizarre!

CB fan 2: Me too I wish i could have seen them in concert before they broke up

Ignorant Hater Hoebag: Cinema Bizarre is such a rip-off of Tokio Hotel!

CB fans: *punches in the face*

CB fan: No they arent have you even listened to their music. They have totally different sounds.

CB fan 2: I love Cinema Bizarre & Tokio Hotel
by TianaTerror Vanity Monroe March 18, 2010