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In a fellatio, this is the man who plays the passive rôle, that is, the sucked one.
The only thing Céline was interested was finding a feeder urgently.
by Tiago Zuhr July 24, 2008
noun, the complete set of sexually utilizable facilities, including, vagina, clitoris, anus, buttocks and so on.
Actually, I was unable to take my eyes off Sandy’s delicious fuckware.
Sarah was spread-eagled on the floor, her pink and brown fuckware less than modestly displayed.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the coital motion

The movement performed during the intercourse.
He planted his hands on either side of her waist and rolled his hips in quick little fuckstrokes.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, a lecherous man

This refers to a man who is always thinking about sex and looking for sexual pleasure.

noun, a buttocks fan

This noun refers to an admirer of buttocks, usually female ones.
You're just a horny arseman.

He looked at her as only an authentic arseman would.
by Tiago Zuhr July 29, 2008
plural noun, the anal interiors

That is, the walls of the anus.
His massive prick seemed to burst her arseguts apart as he fucked in and the pain shot into her.
by Tiago Zuhr July 29, 2008
the buttocks (used in classical texts)
Lisa caught me in the act when I was pounding Sue's delicious nates.
by Tiago Zuhr September 24, 2005
verb, to project oneself blatantly

It refers to male homosexuals.
That suck queen is always flaming. Just in case you haven’t noticed.
Who’s that pansy who’s flaming all over the place?
Flame is conjugated
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008

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