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adjective, vaginal

This adjective is very impolite.
Valerie contracted her cunt around his buried cock, massaging his big prick with her cuntal muscles until he gasped.
He sucked on the filthy crotch of Alicia’s panties, on the satiny material saturated with her dried cuntal fluids.
Alicia felt the first flickers of orgasm in her cuntal walls.
by Tiago Zuhr August 22, 2008
This is a dowel inserted in the anus in order to dilate it so it becomes more adequate for anal intercourse. According to some sources, it was very common in the 18th century.

See also assplug, buttplug.
There were seven flesh coloured arseplugs with flared bases.
It was a big arseplug, but her brown had been well trained.
by Tiago Zuhr July 22, 2008
the anal sphincter

Synonims: assring, buttring
My dick passed her arsering and plunged inside.
by Tiago Zuhr September 17, 2005
noun, an anilingus performer

Such a performer is rare even in pornographic productions.
noun, a sycophant
He's a fucking arselicker.
Stop being such an arselicker, jerk!
by Tiago Zuhr July 29, 2008
noun, a sexual object

It means that someone is used for someone else's pleasure.
Bernie drove to the rendezvous, ready to join his collection of fuckslaves.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the coital motion

The movement performed during the intercourse.
He slammed into her arsehole with each powerful fuckthrust.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
noun, the buttocks gap

This is the interval between the buttocks.
He stared at her arsecrack as if staring at a masterpiece of nature.
by Tiago Zuhr July 29, 2008

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