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A mexigro is a Mexican / Negro.
My friend is a mexigro
by Tia Caramel July 31, 2004
A dance move made by Spike Lee back in the '80's.
Go to msn.com, type in Spike Lee, and then look from there...
by Tia Caramel July 31, 2004
a guy that acts like a girl... basically, GAY
Arnold *Hispanic Hater*.... How'd he become governor? hmmmmmmmmm
by Tia Caramel August 09, 2004
If it's impossible fo a pimp, its definitely imposible for anyone else. Therefore it is PIMPOSSIBLE!
*Getting to be da prezident is WAY pimpossible, dawg!*
by Tia Caramel November 21, 2004
It means that you could be sad, mad , n happy at da same tyme.
I'm so fuckin smappy now that i broke up wit my girl, got my car jacked, n got 50 bucks,
by Tia Caramel July 31, 2004

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