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A short, thin penis often studded with genital warts. Similar to a chode but not at all girthy.
Manny: So your wife says you have a shmackle?
Greg: Yea, she says she can't feel a thing in bed. :(
by TiGoNThEGrEaT February 23, 2010
Freshman in Highschool that is thought of to be a "douche" by many people. Generally they are very unintulectual, they are so dim that they often try to act as if they are "tough" but back down as soon as someone challenges them. Some have even been known to file false police reports, due to them starting a fight and getting their ass handed to them.
Raquel: What's wrong, Rainy?
Rainy: Those Freshman Doucheboys are at it again!!!
by TiGoNThEGrEaT March 29, 2011
A combination of the four STD's Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and AIDS. Commonly found in African American prostitutes, and large southern women.

Symptoms include: Itchyness, bleeding of the genetalia, and long term to permanate pubic baldness.
Doug: Wow, that chick has a ton of STD's!
Manny: Yea it must be herpagonosyphilAIDs.
by TiGoNThEGrEaT February 26, 2010

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