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shorthand word used for the toilet seat
"Hey, did those nasty ass-cheeks touch that t. seat ? If they did, I'm not goin' near that thing."
by Thyne Eggard Foresythe April 28, 2010
Losing one's mud is a reference to shitting. Used first by radio god, Phil Hendrie.
"I lost my mud in the supermarket today. I was soo fuckin' embarrassed." "Losing your mud on your neighbor's lawn gnome is a federal crime." "FFS, why can't I use a t. seat like a normal person -- I can't stop losing my mud in public.
by Thyne Eggard Foresythe April 29, 2010
A derogatory word used for a person (generally a fuckin' faggot pussyshit) with badly gelled, shortish, curly hair that makes the onlooker question whether or not they may have seaweed weaved into their hair.
"That dude over by those lunch tables is a seaweed head. You can't miss him."

"That dude sitting in my favorite lunch seat has seaweed hair."
by Thyne Eggard Foresythe April 29, 2010

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