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When one slobbers all over a pipe, bong, joint, or any smoking device being shared by others.
Ah shit Cody, you just totally nigger lipped that bong.
by Thycid September 23, 2004
No one knows what this phrase means. Comedian Lewis Black said this in a bit but he doesn't know what it means either.
If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.
by Thycid March 20, 2005
Someone that is MUCH MUCH L33ter then Glacious, can pwn him in ut2004, and can kick his ass.
My name is Thycid and I am superior to Glacious.
by Thycid March 21, 2005
Really dank chronic.
Me: Check this chron out yo
by Thycid March 20, 2005
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