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When two people rag on each other when they are secretly sleeping together. Also used as a type of foreplay, and usually comes as a predecessor to "hate-fucking".
"Wow Mike was really mean to Susie today."

"No I heard they are having an affair, so they were probably hate-flirting with each other."
by Thy Nguyen October 18, 2008
One who embraces the racism. A person that is of any other persuasion than caucasian that tells racist jokes or speaks with racial slurs.
One who finds humour in racial slurs, and not taking the too seriously.
"That joke you just told is racist!"

"Hey it's ok because I'm not racist, I'm an embracist."
by Thy Nguyen September 03, 2008
Someone who has a thing for Germans. A person who is fond of German culture, German people, and Germany in general. Similar to yellow fever.
Thy - I only want to date German guys.
Lonelle - What's with you and German dudes lately?
Thy - I don't know what it is, I think I must have Kraut-fever.
by Thy Nguyen May 20, 2013
A girl a guys cheats on his girlfriend with when she is having her period or 'on the rag'
"My girlfriend refuses to blow me during her period so I went out and got me a rag hag, some slut to fuck while she's is on the rag."
by Thy Nguyen December 15, 2008
A douchebag outfitted in a suit.
"What's with all the suitchebags at the bar tonight?"

by Thy Nguyen September 03, 2008
Experiencing both feelings of flattery and disgust simultaneously.
When your boyfriend's creepy friend suggests a threesome with the two of you.

"What's wrong?"
"Ugh, my boyfriend's creepy friend suggested a threesome with the two of us."
"How do you feel about that?"
"Totally flattergusted."
by Thy Nguyen February 26, 2014
A girl that keeps all of her girlfriends away from her guy friends.
Nadim - How come you never set me up with any of your hot friends?

Thy - I don't want it to be uncomfortable for me if it doesn't work out and I don't want them to blame me if you are a jerk.

Nadim - You are a snatch hoarder!

Thy - F#!* you!
by Thy Nguyen May 26, 2011

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