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TRUE DEFINITION: the overlying term for actions taken against a group of people because of origin or skin color.

PRACTICED DEFINITION: anything a white person does which could possibly pose a hint of a threat to the feelings of an individual of another race.

by the way people, when MLK JR. said that people should be judged "not by the colour of their skin but the content of their character", he didnt mean "make it easy as hell for black kids to get into college because they have a higher melonin content in their skin".

and lastly, Malcolm X was a racist, just like the KKK. anyone who denies it is a closed minded, irrational individual who should be considered as a candidate for a frontal lobotomy.

black supremacy is acceptable today, but white opinions are legally punishable. where has justice gone
affirmative action should be considered as racism and therefore a massive hate crime
by Thy Conquerer May 31, 2006
An individual of an ethnicity other than African American who understands the African American culture to a point where they can comfortably differentiate between "Black culture" and other ethnical cultures. These people are often subjected to massive social backlash by those who have not yet developed a full understanding and appreciation of "Black culture".

Also, a person who has overcome society's default feeling of great sensitivity towards African Americans and looks at the Black community as objectively as they would their own.

Generally used to describe a person of Caucasian ethnicity.

Often confused with whiggers, bigots or even racists.

Also pronounced "Nacka"
1: "Why is John such a racist?"
2: "He's not a racist"
1: "Yeah he is. He said that the #1 killer of young black males in America is other black males. That's such a rash generalization."
2: "No, it's true. He's not a racist, he's just a nacker."
by Thy Conquerer May 31, 2006

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