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A place where you are unwillingly sent to, to be ripped apart by your equals.
The first few weeks are fine but by december you want to go to sleep and see infinite nothingness
Your teachers will give you a crap ton of 3-hour long homework, tell you its not bad, and get mad if you don't do it
Your peers from elementary school all change. Some get mean, some get new friends and ditch you, and some give out all your secrets and talk about you behind your back.
The Average middle school "Relationship" Lasts 2 weeks to a month.
Lunch WOULD be the only good time if teachers didn't stalk you in the lunch room.
You are forced to read boring books like "The Prince and the Pauper" and "The Giver"
Everyone is a jerk.
Drama is in every damn locker.
If you're lucky you become an outcast in middle school and don't have to deal with half of this.
Anon1: Man i wish i was anon
Anon2: Why do you want to be anon
Anon1: hes an outcast he doesnt have to deal with this Middle School drama
Anon2: ;-;
by ThwipGuy April 24, 2013

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