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Gears of War is Microsoft's "ace up their sleeve". Originally planned to be released for the xbox 360 in April of 2006, developers at Epic Games have been taking their sweet time keeping anxious gamers on the edge of their seats. The game runs on the new Unreal Engine 3 and is considered to be a tactical 3rd person shooter where as the focus has shifted from "Run and Gun" to "Stop and Pop", emphasizing the use of cover.

Epic braggs that their game will not stop short of impressing hungry fans and claims to be breaking new ground in videogames with its release sometime winter of 2006
"Oh my god, This carnage is beautiful! Look at the chunks just fly off of his body as my chainsaw tears his flesh! I AM SO BUYING GEARS OF WAR WHEN IT COMES OUT THIS WINTER!"
by Thrills May 18, 2006

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