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2 definitions by Thrifty

A smiley face with an asshat. It can be taken various ways. Most often used as a happy and silly expression. But other times it can be taken as an offense, calling someone an asshat. Lastly it is sometimes used to make a person feel better about themselves when someone complains at them for something they did.
1. Bill: Dude I won the internetz!

Bobby: 3:D

2. Bill: I cheated with your girlfriend.

Bobby: 3:D

3. Bobby: cheated on my girlfriend? You bastard!

Bill: 3:D
by Thrifty October 12, 2006
Dead; no longer among the realm of the living.
Guy: Hey, did you hear about Bill?

Girl: No, what happened?

Guy: He's now living on a farm upstate.

Girl: Oh no, when is the funeral?
by Thrifty June 11, 2009