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The Butterfly capital of the world - A medium sized, mostly forgotten suburb located smack dab between the upscale snob infested Boca Raton and the declining Coral Springs/Margate area. The main tourist attraction is a Casino, and about four Mcdonalds located literally within seconds of each other. There are two parts of town - old Coconut Creek (Copans Rd, Coconut Creek High) and new Coconut Creek (north Lyons Rd, Monarch High). Car dealerships are everywhere. The only real entertainment besides recreational parks is the newly opened Promenade, a shopping district and downtown area which debuted in November of 2008. It is overwhelmed with bodybuilding teenagers and pick up basketball and football games can be found at any moment.
There is never anything exciting to do in Coconut Creek, FL
by ThreeBabySeals April 12, 2011

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