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A Friend is someone we love because they are a friend.
The list of types of friend is as long as your arm.
Are they all the same?
Absent Friend
Best Friend
Bosom Friend
Boy Friend
Business Friend
Caring Friend
Casual Friend
Childhood Friend
Close Friend
e-mail Friend
Fairweather Friend
Faithful Friend
Family Friend
Forever Friend
Girl Friend
Good Friend
Great Friend
Honest Friend
Intimate Friend
Kind Friend
Lifelong Friend
Little Friend
Loyal Friend
Male Friend
Man's Best Friend - that is a Dog.
Nice Friend
Online Friend
Pen Friend
Personal Friend
Platonic Friend
Real Friend
School Friend
True Friend
Very Good Friend - he might be the milkman. (Thomas Fats Waller song)
Well Meaning Friend
A friend is one who stands by you in your hour of need but also shares many memorable occasions. A friend is one who asks for nothing and expects nothing in return other than friendship. A friend will accept whatever you have to give when in need and in return will give to you when you are in need. A friend is one who does not count the cost and does not expect you to count the cost be it a monetary gift or the gift of time which is one of the most precious things that can be given.
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 02, 2006
A purse is usually small and made of leather. A woman keeps it in her handbag. It contains valuables such as coins, credit cards, a driving licence, paper money and postage stamps.
We noticed a woman looking at a lovely leather purse in the War on Want charity shop in Ballynahinch, Co. Down the other day. She took it to the counter, took her purse from her handbag, took out some money and handed it to the assistant. The voluntary assistant said "Thank You", put the purse into a plastic bag and handed it to the woman.
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 07, 2006
pull is one of the words used to encourage your tug-of-war team. Another popular ]word of encouragement is "heave".
A Summer Festival is held annually in our town. There is always a tug-of-war. We love this event, two teams of big brawny men pulling against each other. It is good fun and we get carried away shouting the word pull at the top of our voices.
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 07, 2006
asl is an acronym for anal sex legitimised
The sexspecialist took her lover to her bedroom.
As she was stripping for some sexy hot action she said "asl".
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 02, 2006
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