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1. Kratos-The main character from God Of War. One fucked up motherfucker. In only two games, excluding God Of War: Chains of Olympus, he has completely butchered Greek mythology. He slaughtered Ares, beheaded Medusa, impaled Perseus, murdered Athena, sent Icarus to Hades (after ripping his wings off), and even destroyed the Sisters of Fate themselves! He found Pandora's box and even changed his own fate! Only mess with this guy if you're aroused by the thought of being butchered into finely sliced pieces of human within the blink of an eye. In league with Chuck Norris.
2. Kratos-To Kratos. To Kratos someone is to hammer the living fuck out of them. Other terms to use in place of Kratos would be: Destroy, Eradicate, Annihilate, Wipe Out Of Existence, or Beat The Living Shit Out Of.
Ignorant Person: Man, Kratos sucks dick, he blows.
Kratos: Ahem?
Ignorant Person: Go suck a cock.
Kratos: (pulls out the Barbarian Hammer) We'll see about that.

Johnny: It was horrible. Chuck Norris just came up and Kratos'd the guy. All that was left was a dismembered pinky and some shit stained briefs.
by Thrasher13 January 04, 2010
The original black metal band. Formed by Euronymous, the greatest black metal guitarist ever to scar the eardrums. Their 1993 debut, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, is one ov the greatest metal albums ever recorded. They are also the most satanic and..."Necro"...band to ever walk the earth. In fact, only four out of the nine people to have ever played in MayheM are completely sane. NECRO AS FUCK!!! IN FACT, their first vocalist, Dead, committed suicide, and Euronymous made necklaces out ov his skull. it is also rumored that he made a stew from Dead's brains. AND, finally to top it all off, their session bassist for DMDS, Varg Vikernes, hated Euronymous so much that he killed him. Yeah, thats right. The bassist who played on an album killed the guitarist on the same album. Now THAT'S what I call evil!
Forrest Gump: MayheM are the most awesome black metal band ever, and that's all I've got to say about that.
by Thrasher13 July 19, 2009
1. Mass murder.
2. A nice Mayhem song. Euronymous' best.
3. Quite possibly Spiderman's worst enemy. One indestructible motherfucker!
Carnage wreaked Carnage while listening to his favorite Mayhem song, Carnage.
by Thrasher13 July 08, 2009
A usually unpleasant and uproariously funny lack of success. Usually used by teens and those idiots that hang around internet chat rooms (no one likes them).

Fail-The classic fail. Implying no success, and a heavy emphasis on idiocy and retardation.
Epic Fail-A Fail above the normal Fail. Implying even heavier emphasis on the sheer lunacy of the event.
Ultra Fail-Failing to the point of absolute horror and insanity. Only several Ultra Fails are known to be in existence today.
Teacher: Johnny, would you like to come up to the board and explain the word failure for us?
Johnny: Uh, so it's when you do stuff, and stuff happens that's bad and stuff.
Teacher: Very good! Would you please spell it for the class?
Johnny: F-A-Y-L-Y-U-R
Teacher: Please excuse me, Johnny, but you FAIL.
by Thrasher13 February 27, 2010
1. Browsing, commenting, favoriting, and watching videos on YouTube.
2. What I do when I'm not A. Playing Guitar B. Playing PS3 C. Watching TV or D. Doing absolutely anything in my social life.
Fat Weird Guy: Ahh, 24 hour YouTubing. Where would I be without you?
Fat Weird Guys Mother: Probably out of my basement...

Me: Huh. Three of my guitar strings are broken, I've unlocked absolutely everything on God Of War 2, nothing good is on tv, and I just dumped my girlfriend. What a wonderful day to go YouTubing!
by Thrasher13 January 29, 2010
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