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Used to describe a foul flavor or smell, though not directly comparing the offending taste/odor to ass itself, thus creating a "catch-all" category of troublesome sensory inputs.
"Man, this sandwich smells like ass!"
by Thousand June 08, 2004
A derivative of the better-known "Arabian Goggles", in which the skin of the perpetrator's nut sack is pulled down over the victim's eyes far enough that the victim is able to just barely see light through it.
"The desert sun was too bright for poor Jim. I just had to lend him my Arabian Sunglasses."
by Thousand June 05, 2005
Used to take an already impressive story or anecdote and crank it up to 11. Appended to the end of said tale as a means of making it even more unbelievable. Derived from one of the greatest Tim Horton's menu items of all time, the Bread Bowl, and its associated ad campaign, which involved a bystander overhearing that Tim Horton's chili or soup was so good, the orator subsequently eats the bowl it came in; the bystander of course not knowing the bowl itself was made of bread.
Guy A: "So what did you get up to last night?"

Guy B: "Dude! It was insane. I pounded back a 40 to myself, smoked a joint the size of a jiffy marker, puked, fell in the pool, and ended up sleeping with my buddy's mom."

Guy A: "Wow, that's the craziest shit I've ever hear..."

Guy B: "...and then I ate the bowl."

Guy A: "Fuck, do you have a church I can join?"
by Thousand March 30, 2009
a nagga that has been hitting the gym
steve: damn yo, thousand is becoming a swoleja
Big O: the clothes in the rock star section, aren't gonna fit, yo
by thousand August 29, 2004
A same-sex relationship (or one-night-stand) between two animals of different species. The term was coined on the fly whilst observing a male cat romance the hindquarters of a sleeping male dog.

Shawn: What the fuck are they doing?
Andrew: They're doing it! That's interbeastial faggotism! Crude!
Shawn: Where's my camera? There's gotta be a newsgroup for this kind of thing.
by Thousand June 05, 2005
The feeling of dread one gets, knowing they are about to engage in an 'activity' that will bore them to tears and have no way to get out of it.
Dave felt the familiar chill of foredom creep up his spine as he straightened his tie in the mirror. He made a mental note to never say "oh, whatever you want to do, honey" to his wife in regards to their anniversary ever again.
by Thousand May 01, 2010
Ghetto term for "Good Lord". Used for expressions of excitement, or suprise
Big O: look at the rock star sectionin this store
thousand: guhla
by thousand September 06, 2004

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