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santa is secretly satan and he just decided to scramble his name...ever wonder why there's so much commotion on the roof on x-mas eve??...yea he's just screwin the elves and reindeer...and he only goes in ur house to get a piece of ur mom's ass (i saw mommie kissin santa clause underneath the mistle toe last nite...)...and they say hell will never freeze over...explain the north pole...it's just to throw u off!
1.)mommie...where's daddy on xmas eve?
2.)why does santa where so much RED?
3.)wut's that point thing sticken out of his pants?
4.)mommie...santa dropped this magazine. Why aren't these girls wear any clothes?
5.)daddy...why does mom always kiss santa?
6.)"Your mom..."-santa
7.)no wonder why i always get wut i want...my mom's a porn star...
by Thorne December 29, 2003

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