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The coolest place ever, forever documented at www.thetable.tk
"In other news, corporate giant thetable inc. recently acquired Microsoft, making this their third major business takeover this month."
by Thor August 23, 2004
To get really fucked up off of something you smoked with a crack pipe.
I am so fucking cronged.
by Thor April 27, 2004
The epitomy of coolness. Aptly described by his PGN post count "|337!!!11". Better than Valdaspam, <3 Midge any day.
I wish I were Thomear!
by Thor December 12, 2004
To seriously fuck someone up.
We just rushed Eddie and now his asshole hurts a shit ton.
by Thor December 10, 2004
Violent, destructive defication. When it is so violent that you have to strap on to the toilet seat to keep from balsting off.
1. Shane suffers from IBS, which causes him to have an Ass Rocket everyday after lunch

2. That was some Ass Rocket... i had to strp in to keep from hitting the roof.
by Thor February 14, 2005
Whelp means "a puppy/pussy".
You know the saying, "If you can't run with the dogs, go sit on the porch with the rest of the puppies." It's kind of like calling someone a pussy. EX: Dude, you're a fucking whelp puppy, pussy. EX 2: Someone goes to a concert on a Sunday night and has work the next day, a REAL man would go, but a whelp a.k.a. pussy/puppy would stay home because he wouldn't "feel up to it".
by Thor April 03, 2005
tested the "gravity boots" from ratchet and clank going commando

died in the process. body found in cockpit of passing 747

R.I.P. lu
lu here is going to walk up this wall
by thor December 09, 2003

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