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Chick with a hell of a nice body, but the face is ugly.
She looked real good... but her face (butterface)
by Thor March 03, 2003
The Norse God of Thunder/Lightning. He wields his magical hammer "Mjolnir".
by Thor May 16, 2003
(n.) A black chick with braces.

See Pecker Wrecker
Shanti is one Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker, I oughta drop a Cleveland Steamer on her.
by Thor November 04, 2004
Violent, gut wrenching defication. So violent that you have to strap on to the toilet not to be launched into orbit. Much gas is expelled along with, well, you know... the other stuff...
1. Shane suffered from IBS, so everyday after lunch he would have an Ass Rocket.

2. Wow! That Ass Rocket was so bad I had to strap in to keep from being launched through the roof!
by Thor February 14, 2005
A word to be used in conjunction with a string of words, making little or no sence, but also featuring the word "love". Thought to have originated from Oleg.
"My Love for you is ticking clock, berserker"

"My Love for you is like a truck, berserker"
by Thor August 24, 2004
aka "the o'neill"

the asgard's most technologically advanced ship, designed to fight agaisnt replicators
named after colonel jack o'neill
by thor December 09, 2003
Whelp means "a puppy/pussy".
You know the saying, "If you can't run with the dogs, go sit on the porch with the rest of the puppies." It's kind of like calling someone a pussy. EX: Dude, you're a fucking whelp puppy, pussy. EX 2: Someone goes to a concert on a Sunday night and has work the next day, a REAL man would go, but a whelp a.k.a. pussy/puppy would stay home because he wouldn't "feel up to it".
by Thor April 03, 2005
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