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A butt that is flatulent and does not cease for any rightful reason.
My mother has a farty butt and I cant stand it!!
by Thon November 03, 2007
v. 1. Take a grasshopper. Smash it. Reconstitute it back into itself. Reverse engineer it with nano-technology to produce a fine-filtered liquid attached to the end of a broom handle that is flaming. Add water. Let it dry. Create holographic breast milk. Dry it. Put it in a pumpkin pie. Bake at 450F until light brown.
Slurdging is all fun and games until somebody's grandma gets pregnant.
by Thon November 03, 2007
n. 1. The product of slurdging.
2. A slightly vicious fluid capable of impregnating your grandmother.
1. This slurdge was not made properly. It is not angry enough.
2. Granny got some slurdge up in her chatch. Now I got two mommies.
by Thon November 03, 2007

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