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Someone who thinks that the commerce clause, actually means the "Unlimited power to the federal government clause"

Believes that

"To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes" Actually means that the federal government has the right to regulate everything that even comes close to maybe effecting another state economically no matter how remote. Believes that because they have the right to regulate trade BETWEEN states means that they have the right to regulate roads built in States, regulate what you grow in your farms even if its just for private use, and that the clause gives them power to force you to buy insurance because... apparently being alive is participating in interstate commerce.
Democrat:You know have to buy insurance average Joe, whether you want or can afford.
Joe:Wait But im just trying to make my house payments, how am i supposed to afford that, and...wait what in the constitution gives you the right to force me to buy insurance.

Democrat: The commerce clause.
Joe:Wait what? Im not trading things between states, I'm simply living here in California, I haven't ever sold anything in any other state, heck I dont even own a business, how am i affecting interstate commerce.
Democrat: Your alive, that means that your effecting the United States economy and we have a right to control everything you do thanks to the Unlimited power...I mean commerce clause.
Democrat:Make sense.
Joe: Theres no way you really believe that.
Democrat:If it gets us by in the Supreme court, I dont give a crap.
by ThomasJefferson10154 April 04, 2010
The idea that the states should choose its own policies thereby being more responsive and reprehensible of the people’s wishes. Local representation was better representation.

If people in MA want liberal and socialist policies, let them have it. But if AL wants a capitalist economy, let them have it. That is liberty and freedom. If a citizen doesn’t like their states decisions or laws they could simply move to another state that suits them. Thus giving more free choice to the individual. Federal control foists too many unwanted laws that are unresponsive to the needs and sensibilities of differing thought and ideas. NY doesn't need to push their policies on someone in ID. Just because one or several states sees a problem with the laws governing an issue should not require other states that are dealing with the same issue satisfactorily to change their laws.When the Fed dictates and controls solutions they are likely to be unresponsive to the climate and issues of individual states with less political pull in the fed. Why should the people have taxes and laws they don’t want because the federal government wants to make a one size fits all decision. That belief is what a states rights-es beliefs .
Before civil war Virginia believed that Virginia was sovereign and joined a union freely and un-join if it was in their best interest. Their State's rights as they saw it.

After the Civil War states have be bullied by a federal government hat seeks to make not only major decision for the states, but for Individuals. This is called Tyranny.
by ThomasJefferson10154 April 03, 2010

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