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2 definitions by Thomas75

Cloths or sneakers that are obviously fake, are not original
Someone who has fake jordans or fake sneakers that he got from the Ali g spot.... or someone who has fusia jeans or brooklyn express lol... or if you have on lrg namebrand and the tag says fruit of the loom thats shaboob...or ifyou have a locoste with 3 buttons oh man lol.... so people betta start jean checkin niggas and dnt let them get away with shaboobs (like pondy with his raptors and cardinals)
by Thomas75 September 02, 2007
15 3
A 50 cent soda, also known as a tropical fantasy usally sold at bodegas or da corner store
If someone goes in the store with 1 dollar and comes out with 2 bags of chips and a soda.... dat soda is considered a whoolie... its really bad to get caught with a whoolie, people spark your shyt and smack it and prolly throw it away.... there are many professional whoolie drinkers out there like ant-so-soft and pee wee and espeacially the gator talkin pondy fuck lol
by Thomas75 September 02, 2007
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