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International Smokers Holiday, celebrated on the fourth month twentieth day on the fourth hour and twentieth minute p.m. (also a minor daily tradition to smoke at 4:20 p.m. tradition started by a group of students in california that used to meet at a certain place at this time after class daily. (normally marijauna), 4:20 was a code word so teachers and administration would not catch on to their activities.
are you down for 4:20? sure!
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008
jail/prison, term used to define snack foods such as corn chips or snack cakes or cookies
whats up for today? zoom zoom's and wam wam's delivery ,cell mate, I can't wait to get my hands on those scrumptious delights.
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008
see definition for 4:20
four-twenty example can be found at 4:20 definition
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008
one with breath that smells of dirty cock
sarah's breathe stanks she must have been suckin' dick cause she sure has cochalitosis
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008
one who is a semen or sperm receiver of vast amounts
joanne swollows and has unprotected vaginal and anal sex she is definitely a cumdumpster
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008

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