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A girl who has sucked so much dick over the years that she has actually developed a case of buck teeth.
Damn girl, did you see LaFonda's buck teeth? She used to have a perfect smile, but in the last 5 year she has sucked so much street dick that she now has a set of buck teeth worse than a horse. What a dirty little "buck slut"
#buck #teeth #slut #buckteeth #horse
by Thomas O'Brian November 29, 2007
When your cell phone is connected to your computer via a USB cable, and you are sending text messages with your keyboard, instead of typing them in on your cell phone.
LaFonda was sending me these long ass text messages at a rate of about 70 words a minute! Nobody can text that fast. I'll bet that slut was "cheat texting" me!
#text #texting #cheat #phone #cheater
by Thomas O'Brian November 29, 2007
Are girl who does not drive, so she is constantly bumming rides off of guys, and in return she will blow them, or let them fuck her in the twat, or ass.
Tim: Jessica is always bumming rides from me, but she is pretty cool with sucking my dick on the way to the mall. Sometimes after a long day of me hauling her sorry ass around town so she can shop, she will let me fuck her in the back seat. She even let's me stuff it in her ass.

Steve: Damn bro, sounds like Jessica is a real "ride slut"
#slut #ride #car #whore #bum #pussy
by Thomas O'Brian November 29, 2007
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