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n. 21th century. Slut. A female that brags about sex non stop to gain attention.
GUY 1: what do you think of Kim?
GUY 2: Oh, you mean Little miss date rape? She never shuts up about her herpes!
by Thomas Meadow August 28, 2006
n. 21th century. Strip Club. A place where women take off cloths for money.

Guy 1: He I got 50 extra dollers, lets go spend it at the Whore Club!
by Thomas Meadow August 29, 2006
n. 21th century. Branching from the words “lesbo” and “dyke” comes the fictional disease known as “Lesbodykatokus”. This disease is supposed to be what causes homosexural tendencies in females.
GUY1: So did you ask Kim out?
GUY2: Yea, but she said "no", she must have Lesbodykatokus or something.
by Thomas Meadow August 23, 2006
n. 21th century. Like calling some one a "pussy", means wuss.
GUY 1: Did you kick his ass Tom?

Guy 2: Fuck yea, He was a "Home fuck"!
by Thomas Meadow August 28, 2006

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