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A person who appears to be extremely happy as they are laughing a lot. Out loud. They are in fact lonely insomniacs with nothing interesting to say and so continue online conversations with lol, rofl, pmsl and lmfao.
Whale Oil Beef Hooked says:
mar, i need an example for uban dictionary "lmfaomaniac"
Whale Oil Beef Hooked says:
let us create this example through improvisation-
Whale Oil Beef Hooked says:
mar says:
hello also
Whale Oil Beef Hooked says:
mar says:
Whale Oil Beef Hooked says:
my hamster died last night
mar says:
#lol #lmfao #rofl #pmsl #msn #chat rooms #destroying english language
by Thomas McP March 03, 2007
One of the infinite varieties of phrase that can occur when a fat person mashes the keyboard with their fat fingers. See also lzsdih, ksdb,sdvjzsuil and wscensmcv
I am not fat! I hate uhgh;a lzsdih ksdb,sdvjzsuil
#fat #random #infinite #misspelled #n00b #dfsdbgkzscvuk
by Thomas McP July 27, 2006
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