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A person who gains fame quickly through reality TV. Mainly common people who are willing to publicly degrade themselves, and those who see reality TV as a quick way to recognition and money.
This week's Hello! has another plebrity on the cover.
#pleb #plebian #celebrity #z-list celebrity #flavour of the month #reality television
by Thomas McNab December 26, 2006
An affectionate insult aimed at someone who is simple minded enough to speak their mind all the time before thinking.
Calista: Where are my sunglasses?
James: On top of your head, foolish whore.
#fool #foolish #whore #word vomit #ditz
by Thomas McNab December 26, 2006
An alternative to snowballing for Vampires. When a Vampire bites and draws blood from their partner into their own mouth. They then share the blood via french kissing.
Bill sank his teeth into Sookie's neck, drawing her warm blood into his mouth. He pressed his lips together and aligned his mouth above hers. Bill moved closer, opening his mouth as they kissed, snowconing the blood and sharing it back and forth with their tongues.
#vampire #blood #sex #swallow #snowball #fantasy #true blood
by Thomas McNab February 02, 2011
This is how the phrase 'At The End Of The Day' actual sounds, spoken out-loud. Particularly by unintelligent people living in the North of England, who are also commonly prone to living in council estates and appearing on reality TV.
Adeenanaday, they don't know me, do they?!
#at the end of the day #cliche #day #jeremy kyle #northern #slang #dialect
by Thomas McNab November 18, 2010
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