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well one problem with the nerd section, is that most ppl who commented called themselves nerds. and of course only said good things about themselves. first of all, nerds dont have to be smart, back in middle school i wanted to be a nerd actually. i am very smart but of course i was kicked out of the advanced classes because i didnt do my homework, and thus i flunked. nerds dont have to be smart, anyone can make straight A's if they study for every test and do all their homework and extra credit assignments. nerds are stupid. why the heck should anyone do a ton of work that wont help them?
they dont know more then the rest of us, they just meorize stuff for tests, and brag about how smart they are. guss what, meorizing isnt learning. "i dont have no candy" thats a double negative. i came up with double negatives before i entered kindergarden, i know ppl knew about double negatives before i was born, but i still came up with the same ideal without anyone telling me, thats called being smart, not having lame parents that ground you for getting B's (wich is what motavates nerds) and they do conform, they try and fit in to the political correct person, some with straight A's that goes to college, so that they will still only have a average joba nd make average money. everyone goes to college now days, so your not succsesffull cuz your a fag lawyer, a sucsess would be writing a novel abourt this crappy country and becoming a millionair overnight.nerds suck.
geeks are not nerds, their just ppl that want to be popular but suck at it, ppl that brag about halo in front of the whole class so that ppl will think their cool, but then everyone just thinks their geeky. their wanna be preps. nerds are ppl that think their smarter then everyone just because they take time to do their homework. nerds do not make invintions that change the world. ppl like bill gates do. and he wasnt a nerd. albert einstien wasnt a nerd, he actually failed a couple of years throughout gradeschool and college, bill gates didnt attend college, galleio was a below average student who was going to drop out, but then his teacher noticed his unique ability at doing math. you see world changing devices and theorys, come from below average ppl, who dont care about being smart, but instead like to ask questions about the universe that everyone else is afriad to. are you afraid to wonder if america is free? are you afriad to ask is saten was so horrible, or if god was afraid of him? i personally dont think saten was good, and i belive, no wait i know god was right, im just saying ask questions that ppl wouldnt dare ask, (not religious ones) and have confidence, if you belive u will be a millionairr, then u can be one! nerds suck.
im going to strain myself with loads of homework so that someday ill make it into college and end up as another average person making a around 100,000 a year, and do the same crap day after day, while another revolutionist writes a book and becomes rich, because his inteligence is high, and im just a nerd that is good at memorizing stuff
by Thomas Martin December 15, 2005

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