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The act of beating a game or a particular level by using a cheap method. It also is used when referring to a particular strategy that allows you to win when all odds were against you. Can be used in a real life situation, but mostly used when describing a victory in a video game.
Guy #1: I beat you at Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Guy #2: But you ficheralized.
Guy#1: no i didn't.
Guy #2: yes you did you used a cheap method to beat me when i should have clearly won.

Example #2: Bringing a knife to a gun fight and killing the other guy before the twenty paces is up.

Example #3: Ficheralizing is used instead of saying "Gaying it up" when in public.

Example #4: When you clearly win a game and your opponent makes up excuses why you beat him in a way to make it seem like used an unfair(ficheralizing) method.
by Thomas Luke Adams July 10, 2008

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