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The best thing known to man. You can do it soo many different ways including:
The normal 5: just a normal hi 5
The normal 10: just a normal 2 handed hi 5
The side 5: were you make a clapping noise by slapping someone's hand in a handshake position.
The G. 5: were you do the side 5 and grab on pull together and slap there backs.
Tom: Woo! that shot was well cool.
Jack: Yeah it was. HI 5.
Tom: k ch (hi 5 sound)
by Thomas Jeavons February 29, 2008
fuddle monkey a term used to describe someone as either:
completely random
totally wasted/stoned
someone who can't keep up with the conversation
also basically a way to insult someone ... BADLY

Tom: Jack your such a fuddle monkey
Jack: (either) wow man i thought unicorns were bad let alone pink ones
or i like cheese do you like cheese
or what did you say ???
or GRRR! no your a fuddle monkey
by Thomas Jeavons February 21, 2008
A term used to talk about someone that you either don't want to use there name or someone who you forgot what there name was.
Tom: Remember wasisface when he bailed on the ice rink
Jack: Who's wasisface?
Tom: I don't know or you know, the one over there.
by Thomas Jeavons March 03, 2008
Were someone tries to do a flip but fails ... miserably.
Tom: Look at this flip man.
GRBL: Sure.
Tom: 1, 2, 3, ... BANG ... Owww my face.
GRBL: Man, you just did a total flop
by Thomas Jeavons March 02, 2008

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