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2 definitions by Thomas Hutchinson

An insult for a guy who is half-Jewish (generally used if their father is Jewish). Is meant to imply that they are only half-circumcised.

A stereotype of twoskins is they have "Reverse Jew Syndrome", wherein they are susceptible to blatant rip-offs.
You bought a can of soda for five dollars? You're such a twoskin.
by Thomas Hutchinson February 01, 2007
Political views, liberal or conservative, that are so ridiculously cliche and/or ignorant that they can only find expression on Myspace.

People with myspace politics are generally an embarassment to others with similiar political viewpoints, and more often than not are between the ages of 12-16.

Will often pepper their myspace accounts with such trite, reguritated catchphrases as "Bush is a terorist!!!" or "Liebrals hate Amercia!!!".
Nobody cares about your moronic myspace politics.
by Thomas Hutchinson February 01, 2007